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Modern solutions for power engineering and industry

Electrical switchgear manufacturers

Modern solutions developed by experienced ZPUE engineers for the electric power sector. We are one of the leading electrical switchgear manufacturers, providing energy suppliers, industrial facilities, developers and other customers with high-tech solutions configured in accordance with their requirements. ZPUE designs and manufactures an air and gas insulated substation, low and medium voltage (mv lv) switchgear, switchboard, accessories for overhead lines along with containers for power station transformer in a complete range of versions. Trust decades of experience and knowledge of more than 2500 specialists. Choose LV and MV (low and medium voltage) electrical solutions and accessories, transformer stations along with overhead lines’ connectors, disconnectors, reclosers, motor drives and other advanced, innovative solutions.

Medium voltage switchgears

Advanced solutions, developed in order to make inspection, assembly and expansion (if needed) as simple as possible. Metal-enclosed, air or gas insulated medium voltage switchgears (MV) comply with all the requirements and demanding regulations of modern industrial facilities as well as power sector.

Low voltage switchgear

Compact LV gear designed to offer maximum simplicity in maintenance and expansion (thank to its modular structure). High reliability of ZPUE’s low voltage switchgear is appreciated by a number of shopping centres, hospitals as well as industrial facilities (including chemical, steel and more).

Gas insulated substation

Compact, extremely reliable gear designed according to individual specifications. Apart from reliability (and resulting from it minimal maintenance effort) our gas insulated substation is also highly versatile. It allows different configurations of switchgears and accessories and is compatible with modern Smart Grid system.


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